Grandma's, Famous Amos and Chips Ahoy cookies are brand names and trademarks owned by Frito Lay, Ferrero SpA, and Nabisco (Mondelez Intl.) respectively. Bart and Judy' Bakery does not claim ownership of Grandma's, Famous Amos, Chips Ahoy. nor would they ever disparage them. Frito Lay, Ferrero SpA, and Nabisco (Mondelez Intl.) sell tons of cookies that satisfy many people. Just not Bart and Judy, -that is why Bart and Judy crafted their own, natural cookie!


WARNING! Do not consume Bart and Judy's cookies in any environment requiring your complete attention. or anywhere in which ecstatic delirium could lead to personal injury or severe physical or environmental damage. Bart & Judy's Bakery, L.A., CA (800) 873-5957 / bartandjudy.com