Indulge in the delicious Homemade-Quality Chocolate Chip Cookie

Judy and I challenge conventional snacks with our natural lower calorie healthier chocolate chip cookie. We don't have deep pockets, BUT our cookie can contribute to the health and happiness of millions. Please help spread the word! You're awesome, we're grateful, ENJOY!


"I couldn't believe when I first tried these low-calorie cookies! They're absolutely delicious and satisfy my sweet cravings without making me feel guilty. I'm so glad I found a treat that aligns with my healthy lifestyle. These cookies are a game-changer!"


"As someone who watches their calorie intake closely, I was pleasantly surprised by these cookies. They're a guilt-free delight! They're so tasty that it's hard to believe they're low in calories. I look forward to my daily cookie break now, knowing I can enjoy a treat without compromising my goals."


"These low-calorie cookies are a revelation! I've tried numerous 'healthy' snacks in the past, but these cookies truly stand out. It's like having a cheat day without cheating at all. I'm hooked and can't recommend them enough to fellow calorie-conscious snackers!"


“Never had cookies like these ever before, they remind me of the ones my grandma used to bake when I was a kid! I highly recommend your cookies!!

Sophia B.