Our Story

It all started in Paris...

🍪 Crazy as it sounds love and kavanah are the entire basis of our One-Bite Chocolate Chip Snacks.

Paris (2009) Judy and I were embarrassed to find a low-quality mass market brand of chocolate chip cookies 🍪 representing America in a bakery fest at Le Bon Marche (a world-class store.)

We knew this was wrong and took it personally. So upon returning to L.A. we sold our house invested in a huge tunnel oven and began baking.

We were determined to develop a alternative to the low quality junk snacks that flooded the marketplace.

NOT pretentious "gourmet" but highest quality natural AND affordable enough for as many people as possible to enjoy.

So we returned to L.A. sold our house and for 18 months lived in our “P.A.V.” Personal Adventure Vehicle in the parking lot of our facility while we developed our never to be surpassed One-Bite Chocolate Chip Snacks.

Today you are part of this enterprise. We welcome you. There is a very good reason for us to be doing what we are doing and for you to be reading this now. Thank you.